Review of current brand material

Discovery questionnaire

Inspiration board development

Color scheme selection

Color codes for web + print

General write up & plan for next steps



Who will benefit from this service?

This package was created for new business owners who are just getting started and need some creative direction, but aren't financially ready to invest in partial or full branding. More specifically, it's great for those who haven't narrowed in on their general style, and who want to get started on the right foot. We will review your current branding and the questionnaire that you complete to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, and we will provide recommendations moving forward - including resources - to make your first steps into the business world as seamless as possible. Official logos aren't included in this package, but it will give you a solid foundation to present to a designer once you're ready to take the branding plunge.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Review your current branding and/or work and hone in on your general style and target audience
  • Review your completed questionnaire and narrow down options for colors and styles
  • Provide our guidance and recommendations based on our professional opinion and working with businesses of all styles throughout close to four years of working in the wedding and design industries

Client's Responsibilities:

  • Complete the discovery questionnaire as completely and detailed as possible in a timely fashion
  • Provide images and/or details about your business, which should include examples of your work
  • Provide the designer solid goals and objectives on what you would like your business would accomplish
  • Be able to explain your "why" to your designer - why is your line of work important to you?